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Never thought I'd wind up here

So, I've been here at the working hostel for two weeks now, and I've honestly got to say that I never thought that in my life I would be in a little place called Innisfail, but needs must in the pursuit of my second working holiday visa. Only one thing missing now, and that's farm work. It's a little bit of a waiting game at the minute, but hoping something should come my way soon, as I really am looking forward to starting work now, more for my sanity than anything else, as Innisfail is such a small and quiet town, with not much to do and it can get a little tedious at the hostel when everyone has gone to work.

Having said this about the hostel it really is a brilliant place, with a very different kind of feel to any of the hostels I have been in previously. It feels a lot more like a little community rather than a hostel, with such friendly people who are all in the same boat, a wide open grassed area in the middle separating the brightly coloured buildings where the dorms are and the endless amounts of space surrounding the whole place. If you want to be on your own and have time to yourself there is room to do this, but the fact that there is the large central area makes it easy to mingle and hang out with everyone who is knocking about, not to mention provides ample opportunity for numerous sporting activities. The social aspect of the place is something that is really refreshing and was something that was present from the very first day here. Me and my mate Sam arrived on a Thursday, which is the real party night, and we were made to feel so welcome from this first day with people really making an effort to ask who we were and introduce themselves, with the alcohol based antics acting as a nice ice breaker. The first few days were so much fun, with a trip to the local pool with the guys from the hostel, and just generally enjoying the amazing weather that we were treated to. It was a really lively first weekend here at the Walkabout (yes I know). But then I definitely got to see the other side to the place we are staying, firstly in the quieter nature of the hostel both in the day when there are few people around and lots of time to kill, but also in the more relaxed evenings with people keeping fairly low key ahead of another hard day at work. I also saw the extreme nature of the weather up here, as Innisfail sure has shown its teeth over the last week and a bit with so much rain falling, making it even harder to pass the days by getting out and about. I guess this is to be expected from the tropical north of Australia, with huge swings from blazing sun to heavy downpours.

The fact that work has been slow in coming, and the days have been spent largely kicking back at the hostel has had certain plus points, one of which been the way that it has helped to forge stronger friendships with the other people who are left back at the hostel awaiting work also, and I have enjoyed been part of this little tight knit group, even if the things we have been able to do being quite limited. Another benefit is the need to fill time by keeping as active as possible has seen me take to the gym, going running and boxing training with a guy from Estonia, all of which I am hoping when mixed with the rigours of work should lead to a lot healthier Steve.

One last thought brings me back to the remote nature of the place where I am, with the small town feel of Innisfail being quite different even from Cairns, but because it is out in the sticks as it were it means that the sky can put on quite an impressive show on a clear night with the stars appearing so vivid and there was also the 'super' moon that was such an amazing sight. It is also unbelievable just how much noise there is out here on a night, the sound of wildlife can be almost deafening. All this combined shows you a side to Australia that you just don't get in the cities, and for this reason I supose this change has been a welcome one. Would just be better if I had work!

This may be the point where my posts start to slow down, as once I do get work I don't think people will want to here about this for the next few months, but the posts will be back when I am back on the road and doing some more exciting things.


Posted by barney2186 12:42 Archived in Australia

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